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Back to school

In line with the Oyo State Government directives and guidelines, School resumes tomorrow, 6th July 2020. This includes the resumption of students back to our great School, All Souls High Schools, Bodija and Idi Igbaro.

Resumption begins with students at terminal classes, SS 3 and JSS 3 only.

JSS 3 students will resume at Bodija while SS3 Students will resume at Idi Igbaro.

Strict observance of Social Distance and good health and hygiene practices will be on. Parents are urged to provide face masks for all their wards and if possible, face shields.

This will be on for the next two weeks.

School will close everyday at 1 pm. Parents are urged to pick uo their wards on time after closing of the school for the day.

Stay Safe Always.


The first Secondary School in Nigeria

CMS Grammar School

The CMS Grammar School, located in Bariga, a suburb of Lagos in Lagos State, is the oldest secondary school in Nigeria.

Do you remember CMS stands for Church  Missionary Society?

The CMS Grammar School was founded on 6 June 1859 by the Church Missionary Society. For decades it was the main source for producing African clergymen and administrators in the Lagos Colony.

The school began with six students, all boarders in a small, single-story building called the ‘Cotton House’ at Broad Street.

Broad Street in Lagos, today is a major center for commerce, housing many corporate offices of top organizations in Nigeria.

The modern day broad street has the looks below

The first pupils admitted at CMS grammar school were destined to be clergymen.

The study curriculum included English, Logic, Greek, Arithmetic, Geometry, Geography, History, Bible Knowledge, and Latin.

The first principal of the school was the scholar and theologian Babington Macaulay, who served until his death in 1878. He was the father of Hebert Macaulay. That’s a popular name in Nigeria.

If you do not know who hebert Macaulay is, then , that becomes an assignment for you. Find out and submit your answers to me.

When the British colony of Lagos was established in 1861, the colonial authorities obtained most of their African clerical and administrative staff from the school.

How was CMS Grammar School Built?

The following people played critical roles in the establishment of the school by providing funds and means to achieve the dream of building the first secondary school in Nigeria –

James Pinson Labulo Davies

in April 1859 provided Babington Macaulay with £50 (the equivalent of ₦1.34 million as of 2014) to buy books and equipment for the school. With the seed funding, Macaulay opened CMS Grammar School on 6 June 1859, which made it the first secondary school in Nigeria.

In 1867, he contributed another £100 (₦2.68 million as of 2014) toward a CMS Grammar School Building Fund.

Daniel Conrad Taiwo AKA Taiwo Olowo contributed  £50(the equivalent of ₦1.34 million as of 2014)

Moses Johnson, I.H. Willoughby, T.F. Cole, James George, and Charles Forsythe who each contributed £40. These were men who were Saros by origin.

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The first Primary school in Nigeria

Did you ever get to know that the first primary school in Nigeria was established in Badagry?

In 1843, missionaries from the Weslyian Mission ( Methodist Church) sited the first church, in this coastal town, that is at borderline with Seme.

This was during the colonial era.the school was named the Nursery of Infant Church

Two years after, the school was renamed, St. Thomas Anglican  Nursery and Primary school, by Reverend Golmer of the CMS(Church Missionary Society).

It so happened that the CMS was the occupant of the first story building in Badagry, a building that still stands till today. The school started from this place, before moving to its current location at Topo, Badagry.

It should interest you to note that Christianity was first preached in Badagry, at a spot known as “Agia Tree” and the sermon was delivered by Reverend Birch Freeman.

BADAGRY- A Note Worthy Town

Badagry having become popular for being the site for the first primary school in Nigeria, was founded in the early 15th century by a farmer called “Agbedeh”. It was however called “Agedagari” by the yoruba settlers because of the challenging nature of the town.

The name was later changed to “Badagry” by  European Slave Traders.

Tragically, this port became a port for slave trades and the export of slaves. Badagry after being annexed by the Government of the United Kingdom became incorporated into Lagos, till today.


Do you desire to have good access to a class note prepared by your teacher? here it is.

These notes are in accordance with the notes issued in the classroom teaching.

All students offering the subject are expected to download them and study them. Tests and assignments will be based on these notes.

These notes do not in anyway replace classroom teaching. All students are expected to have 100% classroom attendance. This will create an avenue for further explanation of topics and awarding of marks for classwork issued.


A video tutorial session also accompanies this class teaching and you can as well download for your personal use



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