Hello everyone, how are you doing today and how have you been? Hope you are all keeping safe? How is the long break going? Hope you are still enjoying it?

I can perceive someone saying or Screaming “NOoooooo!!!! We have been tired of it since….!!!” Laughable or LOLS..!!!!

NOOOOOO!!!!! Please let us resume ooooooo!!!!home is boring now!!

What have you missed about school? Should this holiday be extended? lets have your feedback live? As you enjoy the “Holiday” music video below,Start chatting by clicking on the green colored chat icon below the video:

[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”5axd1naaq0″ question=”Please leave a feedback on this” opened=”0″][/wpdiscuz-feedback]Enjoy this music in the meantime.


  1. oladiran oluwasemiloore

    i also miss school but not that much because home is boring and we have been staying at home since the beginning of the pandemic. olivia i didn’t see anybody online that was why i was not online since july.

  2. oladiran oluwasemiloore

    Olivia sorry i have not been online was because i saw nobody online and everybody was’t chatting. Olivia i have seen your comment. If u have seen mine text me.

  3. oladiran oluwasemiloore

    Admin can wait until it is 12:00 .please can u wait till then if yes.use emoji to raise your hand down.u may not see me online until then but by 12:00 we start chatting like yesterday and even more than that.

  4. Oladiran oluwasemiloore

    Wow today which is september 4 is teacher’s day.Have u forgotten if u have forgotten well i have reminded u now let us celebrate the teachers in our lives. During this lock down there have been caring for us so let us celebrate’s there day.okay let’s start celebrating them. What are u waiting for. it’s their day let’s start comment and chatting to make every where lively okay

  5. oladiran oluwasemiloore

    admin please quickly approve my letter.We need to start celebrating our teacher’s as soon as possible.Please approve my letter before it is 2:00

  6. oladiran oluwasemiloore

    it’s 3:01 and Admin as not yet approved my letter. If nobody start commenting now we might not celebrate the teachers but we u start commenting the party would still go on. so let us start chatting

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